A look inside the vision of ‘Black Rose’

Through the creative eyes of its Director, James Bamford

4 min readJul 5, 2022

Finhaven™ Private Markets recently announced it is currently raising capital for ‘Black Rose’ an upcoming action-packed futuristic Sci-Fi Film and TV show from the creative minds involved in the ‘Arrow’ and ‘Superman and Lois’ TV Series.

James Bamford, also known by the nickname “BamBam”, is a Canadian Film & Television Director. He is the sole Directing Producer of the series, ‘Arrow’ and directed 17 episodes of the series including multiple premieres, season finales, crossovers and the series finale. He started his career in the Film and Television industry as a Stuntman and Fight Choreographer with his martial arts experience as his entry skill set. He continued on in his career to become a Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, then Director, and Directing Producer/Executive Producer.

Finhaven Private Markets spoke with director James Bamford about his vision for Black Rose and learned why this production will make Film and Television history.

Finhaven Private Markets: Audiences and investors are constantly changing the way they consume entertainment these days. How important is it as a Filmmaker to stay on top of these trends and what is it about the ‘Black Rose’ project that pushes you creatively?

James Bamford: It’s massively important to be aware of how audiences consume entertainment content no matter what year it is. This has always been the driving force of the film, and television industry. previously the industry was dictating the method in which the consumer’s options are available……and now the consumer controls which option they choose to participate in independently of the studio model.

‘Black Rose’ promises to utilize all-new, and some not yet published media technologies to create a groundbreaking, never before seen fully immersive cinematic experience. Being a part of something of this nature is being a part of making Film industry history.

Finhaven Private Markets: If you could sit down and talk to an investor face-to-face and pitch ‘Black Rose’ to them, what would you want them to know and why should they invest in this project?

James Bamford: As I mentioned above, this production will make Film and Television history. Both creatively, and monetarily. Wouldn’t any investor want to be a part of a historic event such as this? Their potential to own a piece of this property will give them the ability to remain attached in such a way that their profit margin continues to grow as time goes on as well as their intense pride in their part of the endless legacy that will surround this Intellectual Property.

Finhaven Private Markets: ‘Black Rose’ is an ambitious project. How important is it to you as a creative artist to maintain control of your vision, and if you’re to secure funding how do you plan to invest the capital you raise into the final product?

James Bamford: It’s of the utmost importance to maintain a singular creative vision so as to not allow the homogenization of the property by non-creative generically minded individuals.

All capital invested will be used to go into developing, polishing, and perfecting the best possible product. In this model, the capital will be steered into ending up on the screen creating a quality which has no equal in fanbase love.

The methodology used lies within the budgeting, prep, and production of traditional filmmaking handled by an experienced line producer.

Finhaven Private Markets: You have a pre-existing relationship with Uzair Merchant (Uzi), the creator of ‘Black Rose’, from your time working together on another TV series. How important is this relationship to ‘Black Rose’ and can you describe how you plan to work together creatively to make this project a success?

James Bamford: Our pre-existing relationship means everything to the success of this project. Both Uzi the creator, and I are very collaborative, attracting the best possible crew/cast to ‘Black Rose’, and following the rules of “best idea wins.” The combination of artistic strengths between us, and people management skills promise a successful team effort in manufacturing this incredible product from script to screen.

Learn how you can invest in ‘Black Rose’ as an Accredited Investors with Finhaven Private Markets.

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