Finhaven™ Private Markets is innovating the investment and entertainment world through the creation of securitized NFTs linked to royalty streams

Providing investors exclusive access to non-dilutive ownership in a Sci-Fi Action film and TV series

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  • ‘Black Rose’ is an upcoming action-packed futuristic sci-fi from the creative minds involved in the ‘Arrow’ and ‘Superman and Lois’ TV series
  • The ‘Black Rose’ film & TV series (“Black Rose”) will feature the music of the Stardust Music Video (the “NFT”) as the OST
  • The F-NFT is structured so that investors will receive royalties and non-dilutive equity
  • To invest, visit and sign up.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 27, 2022 — Finhaven is pleased to offer fractionalized NFTs with royalty streams providing investors with a unique opportunity to invest in the entertainment world to support a rising creative artist’s new film and tv series.

The first creative project to be featured by Finhaven™ Private Markets is the recently announced Stardust, Canada’s first securitized fractionalized NFT.

Shot in Dubai, Vancouver and India, ‘Stardust’ is the first track from the original soundtrack for Black Rose, a futuristic sci-fi television show written and created by Uzair Merchant, and directed by James Bamford (Producer/Director of blockbuster TV show ‘Arrow’). The film & TV series will be shot in global locations with diverse casting. With the democratized and innovative investment structure leveraging the securitized NFT, the artists are expected to produce edgy work and investors have the unusual opportunity of participating in a film & TV series with as little as CAD 1,000.

Security Type: Fractionalized Non-Fungible Token (F-NFT)

Minimum investment: CAD 1,000


  • 60% of revenues generated from the Stardust Music Video
  • 5.35% of free cash flow from the Black Rose film & TV series

All Stardust F-NFT holders combined will own 90% of the Stardust NFT and will have the right to 90% of the proceeds when the NFT is sold. The artist (issuer: bKreativ) owns 10%.

“Finhaven™ Private Markets is offering investors direct access to the artist, breaking down the traditional investment model. Investors can invest small or large amounts in the production of the film/TV series through the Stardust music video F-NFT, which will be featured on the Black Rose original soundtrack.”, said DH Kim, CEO of Finhaven™ Private Markets.

Uzair Merchant and James Bamford are the creative teams behind ‘Black Rose’, who previously worked together on the TV series ‘Arrow’ and ‘Superman & Lois’.

Director James Bamford, also known by the nickname “BamBam”, is a Canadian film & television director. He is the sole directing producer of the series, ‘Arrow’ and directed 17 episodes of the series including multiple premieres, season finales, crossovers and the series finale. He started his career in the film and television industry as a stuntman and fight choreographer.

“My goal in directing the ‘Black Rose’ pilot is to introduce our character of Rose to the world, and demonstrate her transformation from a stone-cold soldier as we peel back her layers to discover the emotional turmoil which exists just beneath the surface. Having endured a traumatic childhood with similarities to Natalie Portman’s young character in ‘The Professional’, Rose is an excitingly prepared woman for any given circumstance. ’Black Rose’ allows me to pioneer a new level of action design in television bringing martial arts combined with dynamic camera movement, to create a visual spectacle which has never been seen on the small screen to date. Using a 2.39: 1 aspect ratio gives us a cinema visual language which will capture audiences worldwide, in contrast with our flashback footage shot with spherical lenses giving our world-building a multiple-dimensional feel. My hope is to influence a shift in current society in a post-pandemic timeline by demonstrating an alternative way of living to our usual predisposed human path”, said Bamford.

“At its core, ‘Black Rose’ is an action-packed family adventure show in the tradition of classic entertainment like ‘Dark Angel’, but with a decidedly sharper edge and much higher stakes, reflecting the world we live in now (Post pandemic — COVID19 and the shows we like to watch). In the same way that ‘The Mandalorian’ sought to bring the big screen excitement of ‘Star Wars’ to television, ‘Black Rose’ is ready to be your “Equilibrium for TV and Streaming devices” — bringing you to a wondrous world you’ve never seen before, and exploring themes of action and adventure, love, loyalty, survival, and environmental awareness”, said Uzair Merchant, the creator of ‘Black Rose’.

Uzair Merchant is a multiple award-winning filmmaker, designer and the Director/Founder of bKREATIV Productions Ltd. based in Vancouver, BC, and the co-founder of KRi8.LABS — The Kreativ Lab — in Vancouver, Dubai and Delhi. With 14 years in the film business in various countries and projects ranging from features, TV series and commercials. He was also the production designer of the first Hollywood feature film shot in Abu Dhabi, directed by action legend — Renny Harlin. ‘The Misfits’ is an action heist adventure film starring Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Chung, Nick Cannon, and Tim Roth. Merchant recently finished working as an assistant art director on the CW Network’s latest blockbuster tv franchise: ‘Superman & Lois’.

Sanja M. Hays is the Creative Producer of ‘Black Rose’. Hays is an experienced costume designer. She started her career assisting costume designers at Zagreb’s Jadran Studios. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1987, she has worked with directors including Brian de Palma, Tim Story, and John Singleton. Her most recent projects are ‘The fast and Furious’ franchise and ‘Star Trek Beyond’.

To invest in ‘Black Rose’ through the securitized NFT, Accredited Investors can open an account with Finhaven Private Markets at, and purchase any number of fractions of the F-NFT (to a maximum of 2,000 tokens). Finhaven Private Markets also features: (1) additional issuers and offers, (2) provide a platform for issuer information distribution, storage, and issuer communications with shareholders, and (3) has plans to introduce a secondary trading platform for digital securities in Q3 2022.

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