Witness: Finhaven™ Private Markets

2 min readSep 12, 2022

Operated by Finhaven Capital Inc. (“Finhaven”)

By DH Kim, CEO of Finhaven

Blockchain technology showed us the potential simplicity of capital markets. As we traded paper securities or contracts, and as the trading of paper securities migrated to computerized book-based systems, we currently work with complicated capital market systems. With blockchain, can we go back to a simple market system: buyer, seller, and witness? This is what we envisioned at Finhaven to mitigate the capital market risk profile leading to better market efficiency.

You cannot avoid an intermediary, and an intermediary in transactions is vital. However, too many intermediaries carry risks and inefficiency. Therefore, simplicity in capital markets starts with reducing intermediaries to a bare minimum. We saw this possibility with blockchain, and we at Finhaven made it happen.

At Finhaven Private Markets, leveraging the Finhaven Investment Platform, we are the only intermediary between buyers and sellers with investment banking, primary distribution, secondary trading (target: Q4 2022), settlement, and record-keeping on the Finhaven Distributed Network with a self-custodial wallet. Many companies have tried similar models, but most of them have additional intermediaries like legacy systems. Finhaven Private Markets is a marketplace of buyers, sellers, and Finhaven witnesses.

Many people regard blockchain as synonymous with crypto assets. Some pundits even define blockchain as the “Internet of value”. That is a product approach. This product approach opened the door for immense market interest globally in crypto assets. It was a good start for innovations. However, it clouded the real value of blockchain technologies.

We at Finhaven approached blockchain as infrastructure. A technological innovation that can advance to creating better, safer, simpler systems that remove trust vulnerability. We believe our new blockchain infrastructure will generate more innovative financial products that can benefit investors safely.

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Finhaven™ Technology Inc. is a financial services technology company with a capital markets platform built on Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain).