Welcome to the 7th issue of the Finhaven™ Insights Newsletter — November 2022!

6 min readNov 15, 2022


Finhaven Insights is a monthly newsletter covering the latest insights, news and happenings within Finhaven™ Technology Inc., Finhaven™ Capital Inc. (operating as Finhaven™ Private Markets), and Finhaven™ Gateway Inc., and the industries we operate in.

This month, Finhaven attended two events: Industry Night hosted by Blockchain@UBC and the LA Blockchain Summit in Los Angeles, California, USA from Nov 1–3. We presented to investors in attendance and also announced Finhaven™ Chain, a project that aims to build a global markets public blockchain for sovereign jurisdictions and their regulated entities.

A word from our CEO

It is great that many excellent issuers are interested in offering their securities through Finhaven Private Markets. I was also very pleased to be invited to good conferences and meet people in person. I will sit on a panel at Blockchain Governance Initiative Network taking place in Vancouver (Nov. 30 — Dec. 2, 2022). If you are there, I look forward to seeing you. Most importantly, we have started the Finhaven Chain project. We originally planned to start the Finhaven Chain project in 2025, but determined that the project cannot wait till then.

Please sign up as an investor as you will soon see good deal flow in our markets. We think it is time to return to investments.

The Finhaven Investment Platform can be used beyond just the investment world

Finhaven built the White-labeled Finhaven Investment Platform to simplify business transactions. Contact us to learn more about this platform as a service.

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Finhaven will be attending the Venture 135 Conference Nov 15–16

Finhaven has been invited to pitch at Venture135 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on November 16, 2022! The conference is drawing investors and corporate partners interested in innovative companies from all over the world. Our CEO, DH Kim, will be in attendance to present.

Finhaven Pitch at LA Blockchain Summit

It was a busy 3 days for the Finhaven team in Los Angeles, California for the LA Blockchain Summit from November 1–3, our CEO @DoHyungDHKim enjoyed pitching our latest news for the Finhaven Chain at the event. DH was also on a panel on the Main stage to discuss Blockchain Infrastructure.

Watch Finhaven’s Presentation

Introducing Finhaven Chain a public blockchain for central banks and regulated entities

Finhaven™ Technology Inc. partners with Blockchain@UBC to build Finhaven™ Chain — a public blockchain for central banks and regulated entities. The Finhaven Chain project aims to build a global markets public blockchain for sovereign jurisdictions and their regulated entities.


  • The world needs a CBDC infrastructure on blockchain to support digital currencies as our future norm.
  • This infrastructure development requires concerted efforts of people from the public and private sectors, with various expertises, and from as many countries as possible.
  • Finhaven will lay the foundation of an ecosystem and embark on a journey of building the Finhaven Chain, a CBDC infrastructure for sovereign jurisdictions and regulated entities.

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Finhaven and Simetria build a strategic partnership at the LA Blockchain Summit

Simetria and Finhaven™ Technology Inc., owner of Finhaven™ Private Markets, announced a strategic partnership at the LA Blockchain Summit, in Los Angeles, California, USA. The conference is organized by Draper Goren Holm. The companies entered into a memorandum of understanding for a liquidity partnership to provide their issuer and investor clients with better and wider access to new opportunities.

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Finhaven Capital Inc. is seeking strategic investors

Finhaven Capital Inc. is offering Series A Convertible Preferred Shares to raise capital for our business.

This is a pre-IPO capital raise for a strategic partner or partners. Finhaven Capital Inc. aims to go public in 2023.

If you would like to participate in our Series A Convertible Preferred Shares capital raise and learn more about our company, please visit our webpage where you can download our Finhaven Capital Inc. company deck and access the term sheet.

Should you have any questions before making your decision, you can make an appointment with our CEO, DH Kim using the button below to set up a call.

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What is an accredited investor?

Have you read our first blog post yet? We dive into the specific individual and entity requirements to become an accredited investor in Canada.

Read our Full Blog Post here

What is an Exempt Market Dealer?

Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs) are registered securities dealers in the business of distributing prospectus exempt securities to eligible investors.

Finhaven™ Private Markets (operated by Finhaven Capital Inc.) offers a range of prospectus exempt investments, with a focus on mortgages, real estate, and entertainment. We use the Finhaven™ Investment Platform for your online account and your digital securities. We will soon offer secondary trading among our investors.

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Finhaven attends Blockchain@UBC Industry Night

Finhaven had a great time as an industry partner at the #1 academic institution in Canada that focuses on blockchain, Blockchain@UBC. The Industry Night focused on industry engagement and networking with various Blockchain@UBC professors, and Master’s and Ph.D. students.

Become an investor on Finhaven™ Private Markets

Are you an accredited investor looking for unique deals in the real estate, mortgage, or entertainment sectors? Invest in vetted private deals with Finhaven™ Private Markets.

Finhaven™ Private Markets is operated by Finhaven™ Capital Inc., a registered exempt market dealer and authorized marketplace and clearing agency in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario in Canada.

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Finhaven SWAT Learning Lunch

Our second workshop of a series of learning lunches for our staff, hosted by the Product Team this month! They introduced the Whitelabeled Finhaven Investment Platform to our staff members, and received feedback to help ensure our customers gain the most value out of the Platform. We learned more about the project roadmap and key problems that our Platform aims to solve within the industry.

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