Welcome to the 7th issue of the Finhaven™ Insights Newsletter — November 2022!

A word from our CEO

The Finhaven Investment Platform can be used beyond just the investment world

Finhaven will be attending the Venture 135 Conference Nov 15–16

Finhaven Pitch at LA Blockchain Summit

Introducing Finhaven Chain a public blockchain for central banks and regulated entities

  • The world needs a CBDC infrastructure on blockchain to support digital currencies as our future norm.
  • This infrastructure development requires concerted efforts of people from the public and private sectors, with various expertises, and from as many countries as possible.
  • Finhaven will lay the foundation of an ecosystem and embark on a journey of building the Finhaven Chain, a CBDC infrastructure for sovereign jurisdictions and regulated entities.

Finhaven and Simetria build a strategic partnership at the LA Blockchain Summit

Finhaven Capital Inc. is seeking strategic investors

What is an accredited investor?

What is an Exempt Market Dealer?

Finhaven attends Blockchain@UBC Industry Night

Become an investor on Finhaven™ Private Markets

Finhaven SWAT Learning Lunch

Finhaven Recommended Reading:

Behind the Scenes of Central Bank Digital Currency: Emerging Trends, Insights, and Policy Lessons

The Money Revolution: Crypto, CBDCs, and the future of finance



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Finhaven is a capital markets technology company that leverages DLT to remove friction from the buying, selling of public and private securities.