Welcome to the 5th issue of the Finhaven™ Insights Newsletter — September 2022!

5 min readSep 14, 2022

Finhaven Insights is a monthly newsletter covering the latest insights, news and happenings within Finhaven™ Technology Inc., Finhaven™ Capital Inc. (operating as Finhaven™ Private Markets), and Finhaven™ Gateway Inc., and the industries we operate in. As summer ends and we go into fall, here’s what’s been happening at Finhaven HQ so far this month.

Finhaven Private Markets Update
We are focusing on real estate funds and mortgage investment offerings. If you want to be positioned to invest in select real estate and mortgage investment funds in a convenient, integrated platform, please sign up as an investor at Finhaven Private Markets.

Finhaven Private Markets is on its way to being THE real estate fund marketplace in Canada.

You can download our 1 page Brochure to learn more.

We will host the 5th Finhaven Investment Forum Event breakfast for selected real estate funds this October. If you want to be invited, please email our team here. It will be at the Terminal City Club, but the date has not been confirmed.

Finhaven Technology Inc. Update
On the development side, Finhaven will release a new NFT minting solution in October. Finhaven will also release a SaaS product for companies and investors in 2023.

Please spread the word about our latest update. I will be back next month with further news.

Finhaven Private Markets — Your direct alternative investment solution

Nowadays many investors care about how much fees they have to pay to invest through managers. The manager fees apply regardless of the manager’s performance. You pay the fees even when you lose your money. You just keep your money with your manager and they still charge. Fortunately, there are many direct investing solutions for public equity and debt. However, it is hard to find one for alternative investments such as private equity and debt investments.

Finhaven Private Markets (FPM) was born to solve this problem. The FPM is operated on the Finhaven™ Investment Platform. It is a direct investment platform. You can invest in alternative investment opportunities without going through a manager. At Finhaven, we provide a direct investing solution with a platform that even solves custody and settlement problems. When you put your money in an asset, there is a real-time settlement. The benefits are even bigger through the use of The Finhaven Investment Platform, built on a blockchain.

- DH Kim, CEO of Finhaven

Witness: Finhaven Private Markets, Operated by Finhaven Capital Inc.
Learn how Finhaven Private Markets approached blockchain as infrastructure. A technological innovation that can advance to creating better, safer, simpler systems and remove trust vulnerability.

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Finhaven Joins The Google for Startups Cloud Program
The Google for Startups Cloud Program is designed to give startups the resources they need to get started quickly on Google Cloud to help them build a sustainable, successful business. The support services provide cloud credits to cover the first year of Google Cloud and Firebase usage up to $100,000 and 20% of the 2nd year of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered, up to an additional $100,000.

Finhaven receives IRAP funding to support IP strategy
Finhaven has received $10k in funding from a new funding program (IP Assist) to help with IP strategy to access IP professionals for certain IP-related services to work on defining an IP strategic plan which includes an Audit: to obtain an overview of your IP assets, and a recommended strategy on how to best protect your IP assets through a variety of measures including (but not limited to) copyrights, trademarks, patents, and internal procedures, background art search to determine freedom to operate, Competitive analysis and training employees on IP.

Participate in the 5th Finhaven Investment Forum Event
Finhaven is hosting our 5th Finhaven Investment Forum breakfast next month in Vancouver. Full details are still being finalized, but what we can promise is some exciting presentations from leading businesses, access to a room of investors and the chance to learn more about private markets opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio. If you would like more information and would like to join the invite list before full details are revealed please email marketing@finhaven.com and we will add you to our invite list.

Finhaven will observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
September 30th is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a statutory holiday for all federal employees and workers in federally regulated workplaces. Finhaven will observe the National Day and allow our employees to take a day off, our office will be closed and we will resume normal operations the following Monday.

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“Alternative lenders face funding challenges as investors flee to safer assets: The pullback comes as demand for loans from mortgage investment corporations remains strong.” — Financial Post, August 17 and 19, 2022.

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Structuring Private Equity Real Estate Funds in Canada: For money managers and real estate developers considering forming a private equity real estate fund in Canada there are a number of structuring features to consider.” McMillan “Business Law Bulletin” — September 6, 2022.

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