Meet Uzair Merchant

Finhaven™ Private Markets recently announced details of Canada’s first securitized F-NFT. Stardust Music Video is currently being offered through Finhaven Private Markets, which offers Accredited Investors a unique opportunity to invest in the entertainment world to support a rising creative artist’s new film and TV series.

Finhaven Private Markets spoke with the creator Uzair Merchant to learn more about his upcoming film and TV series.

Finhaven Private Markets: The process of raising capital for films has been around for decades, so why is it important to go this route and raise the money for your creative pursuit through Finhaven Private Markets?

Uzair Merchant: The film business has always been a question for how it’s been operated in the past. However, in recent years many many celebrities (Actors/Actresses) have opened up about how funds were not always clean. This makes for two major issues, taking funds that could be black money or an individual associated ends up with ‘demands’ over the Art. The filmmaker loses creative control, and with my experience in the past, the cash flow issues cause the film to collapse. This route allows for the money, investors and artists to be protected allowing for the artists to push creative boundaries. The traditional model isn’t wrong, it’s just never protected the Artists and creatives along the way. I choose to have integrity in how this project can come to life, and therefore Finhaven was that route. DH Kim (CEO, Finhaven) has the integrity and experience to understand that innovation in this area is needed and therefore made it a perfect place to raise capital.

Finhaven Private Markets: How important is it to you as an artist to have full creative control, and was this a factor in your decision to raise money this way?

Uzair Merchant: As an artist, I don’t think having “full” creative control for me is as important as — the right “creatives” having control over the entire production process that is aligned with a vision. It takes more than just a few people to make projects like this, and therefore our creative team having control was the major factor. We want to tell it our way.

Finhaven Private Markets: If you were to speak directly to an investor what would you say to them to sell your story and project, and what makes it different from similar genre pieces perhaps already out in the market?

Uzair Merchant: It’s got a few elements that make this unique. Firstly — it’s a universe of its own with multiple revenue streams attached to it. It’s unique with culture and diversity because it’s not forced into the world, it’s been embedded into all its aspects of it. For the genre itself, it’s new to have a world of diversified cultures together: eg: An Arab man in traditional clothing in the middle of Taiwan, talking to an Indian Sikh all in a scifi placement, together with the aesthetic and design with James Bamford spearheading that all calls for a brand new look into what we think is a saturated world. It happens to have a wide audience base and also happens to be the hottest selling genre around the markets. Music, Fashion, Games and NFTs all attached to a show made with an international cast of familiar faces make Black Rose the next big HIT.

Finhaven Private Markets: What steps are you taking to ensure the money received is well invested in your project, can you explain how their investment will help ‘Black Rose’?

Uzair Merchant: We have entire proceeds of funds in a place where we have outlined how and where the money will be allocated. With that, the team that is there is highly experienced with a great track record to help ensure we can get to the goal and vision. Also, escrow accounts are being set up after the raise to help keep the funds safe and secure. The investment will help bring in the line producer, help us finalize our screenplay and set up the legalities needed to run the show. With potential government rebate conversations already happening, the investment allows us to take it to the next step, and our next song — ’ Quantum’.

Finhaven Private Markets: Your vision for ‘Black Rose’ is pretty ambitious and you referenced you took inspiration from the way ‘The Mandalorian’ sought to bring the big screen excitement of ‘Star Wars’ to Television. If I were to invest in this world, what other returns will I see aside from equity?

Uzair Merchant: Depending on the investor’s mindset, if he/she is in for the long or short-term investment you’d see Equity that has a royalty stream attached to it. Furthermore, the advantage to come in early on a potential universe expanding, the limits are endless. Special access to merchandise, behind the scenes, access to shooting days, and premiere events giving you “the investor” the Executive producer’s package. Besides that, the goodwill of the fanbase and the brand that we are creating gives the investors novelty beyond just equity. Imagine you could be an investor in a Marvel series?

Learn how you can invest in ‘Black Rose’ as an Accredited Investors with Finhaven Private Markets.

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