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Finhaven Club

We have continued to engage with a community of diverse content contributors from all over the world to innovate global capital markets by providing high-quality, unbiased information to current and future investors.

In ‘Release 2’ of Finhaven Club, users will now be able to monetize content through our “FIN Points Model” which includes e-wallet capabilities, integrated PayPal services, and full transaction history. Additional features include a complete content library, customer service support, and a rewards-based referral system.

Release 2 Product Launch Announcement Coming Soon!

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Finhaven Trading Platform

Moving into our next quarter of operations, we anticipate the first release ‘Release 1’ of the Finhaven Trading Platform. This technology-driven platform will efficiently operate as a disintermediary solution for global capital markets to create greater efficiency for raising capital, secondary trading, real-time clearance & settlement, compliance, and record-keeping.

Our technological infrastructure, driven by a cryptographic ledger system and hybrid blockchain technology, will provide features for this highly-anticipated ‘Release 1’ such as:

  • High Transaction Output
  • Investor Custodianship
  • Transaction Transparency
  • Secure Governance
  • Clear Audit Trails
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Minimized Counterparty Risk
  • Tailored Solutions for Involved Parties

These features drive efficiency on the Finhaven Trading Platform which will leverage opportunities for capital raises with investors and provide issuers with a capital raise tracking dashboard, monthly performance statements, digital document signing, a real-time cap table, and on-platform investment reviews.

Keep a close watch for our pending announcements to keep clients, issuers, investors, and potential partners informed as we move closer to ‘Release 1’.

For more information about our up-and-coming product releases,
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Finhaven at the New England Venture Summit

Finhaven was selected by the 2019 New England Venture Summit (NEVS) as a Top Innovator in the FinTech Track. As a Top Innovator, we were able to send a talented team from our Vancouver headquarters to Boston, MA from December 3–4, 2019 where we presented to a room of venture capitalists and corporate investors.

Hosted by youngStartup Ventures, the 14th annual New England Venture Summit highlighted companies in FinTech, HealthTech, Life Sciences, and CleanTech showcasing the most innovative early-stage and growth-stage startups across North America. With over 800 attendees, 150+ venture capitalists, and 175+ startups presenting, the summit proved to be a great success.

Finhaven presenting as a Top Innovator in the FinTech Track — Boston, MA, December 2019

Our presentation highlighted traditional market inefficiencies in capital markets and how we are revolutionizing the industry by creating a true disintermediary solution through our technological infrastructure. By licensing the Finhaven Platform to global exchanges, broker-dealers, and financial institutions we will continuously drive innovation and integrate global capital markets.

To find out more information regarding our technological infrastructure or to inquire about a potential partnership opportunity, contact our team today.

Watch the highlights of the 2019 New England Venture Summit held in Boston. 2019 NEVS Highlights

Global Opportunities

As we drive forward with innovative development of our technological infrastructure for global capital markets, we will be seeking broker-dealers, exchanges, financial institutions, media, research organizations, and asset management companies for global partnership opportunities.

If you would like to partner with Finhaven, please contact our team indicating what type of partnership you believe would be the best fit and we will get in touch.

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